Many of us are led to believe that our careers should follow a linear, predictable path. I currently work in Ethics & Compliance for a multi-national conglomerate based in Washington, DC, and my career path has been anything but linear. As I’ve navigated my career so far, I have tried to focus on my skills and interests, rather than my weaknesses, and align them with their best purpose at the time. What has remained unchanged throughout is my belief in the foundation that is laid by a good education, and the opportunities it can create.

The years I spent at Indian School Ajman, where I was encouraged by supportive teachers to explore my creative potential through public speaking, singing, and dancing, where no idea was considered too small, and where we were always pushed to work harder were formative to building my confidence and skillset over the years. I later went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Engineering at PESIT, Bangalore, and after tapping into my interest in the environment, a master’s degree in Environmental Management from the University of California, Santa Barbara in the US. More recently, I completed an executive program at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad.

I have been fortunate to have had several impactful opportunities during this time, including presenting a proposal to improve the energy efficiency of affordable housing to the US Department of Energy, a cabinet-level department of the White House, where our team was awarded the ‘Most Innovative Proposal’. I was also part of a team that competed in the final round of the prestigious $1 million Global Hult Prize supported by President Bill Clinton, with a proposal to curb non-communicable diseases in the Dharavi slum in India. It’s a continuous process of learning and growth, and I hope to able to put the cumulative skills and experience gained since my school years towards making an impact on social and ethical causes in the future.