Hold That Drop-Save Water Campaign 2020

Organizer: Abudhabi Indian School

Date: 16 &17 SEPTEMBER 2020


To educate the community on implications of indiscriminate use of water

Speech by Mr. R.Muralee Thummarukudy, Operations Manager of United Nations Environment Programme.

Speech by Dr. Mohamed Dawoud, adviser Water Resources Department with the Environment Agency ABU DHABI.


Zen George Of Grade XI Bagged The First Prize For Animated Video On Water Conservation For  Grade 9-12 Category.

Saparya Balraj Of Grade VII Bagged Second Prize  For Two Minute Video On How To Conserve Water At Home And Community.

Some Moments

Panel Discussion 3 :

Topic: Quality unknown. The world’s invisible water quality crisis (Water conservation is preventing water shortage, but what about quality of water)

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