World- Class Infrastructure with State-of-the-art Technology Installed Campus

The GIS, Ajman, is situated on a large campus, fully equipped with modern facilities and state of -the-art technologies envisaging better education in a better environment. We are offering these facilities to our students to explore and unleash their full potential.

The school offers all basic requirements including books, uniform, transport, airy classrooms, labs and medical care in a safe and friendly environment.

The school has separate prayer rooms for boys and girls.

“Today a reader tomorrow a leader.”  Reading develops the mind. We are passionate about our world of books. The school has a huge library catering to the needs of junior and senior students with computer and internet facility.

Proper physical education enhances students’ confidence and competence level. The school provides indoor and outdoor play areas with a variety of age appropriate playing equipment for students.

The school has spacious and well-equipped laboratories that provide facilities to conduct experiments and project works for primary and secondary students in accordance with their curriculum.

The school possesses a well-equipped clinic and an experienced medical team. We conduct regular medical examinations and maintaining medical records. Students receive immediate medical attention if any cases of illness and injuries are reported. Our three counselors are providing mental health support to students if required. They conduct regular counseling classes for the emotional and psychological wellbeing of students. We do have special education teachers for students of determination.