The GIS is an inclusive school. As we follow CBSE curriculum, in view of the values of inclusivism and internationality, we admit students of different nationalities. We highly recommend a visit to our school when possible. You will get an opportunity to meet our team, gain an understanding of our curriculum and modern facilities and infrastructure to see how GIS is the best school for your child.


Registration and admission for the new academic year commence in October for KG and December for other classes each year. Normally admissions are open for the KG class only, while admissions to other classes depend on the existing vacancies. The recommended age for admission to the lower KG is 4 plus that is the child should complete 4 years on or before 30th July of the year of the admission and for this class there is no admission test. For all other classes admission is granted on the basis of an Entrance Test.

Students seeking admission to the school should fill in the registration form online or collect from the school office. The student should be ready for an entrance test. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.


  1. Students seeking admission and who are at present studying any of the schools in the UAE should attach their ‘Transfer Certificate’ attested by the Ministry of Education of their particular zone.
  2. Students from abroad should have the Transfer Certificate attested by the following departments
  3. Ministry of Education or the Education Bureau of the country
  4. Indian Consulate in Dubai ( Signature of D.E.O to be attested)
  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.
  6. One copy of the Passport with valid Residence Visa Page
  7. Two passport size photograph.
  8. A copy of the Birth Certificate
  9. A copy of the Vaccination Card
  10. A copy of the Report Card. ( from the previous school)
  11. UAE National ID
  12. Father’s passport copy with valid resident visa page

IMPORTANT NOTE (Transfer Certificate)

  1. Children should submit their Transfer Certificate duly attested as required (details are given above) within one week of admission for local transfer and within three weeks of admission for transfers from outside the UAE.
  2. Transfer Certificate should not be dated more than one month prior to the date of seeking admission ( As per the UAE  Ministry of Education rules )
  3. Admission will be cancelled if the above conditions are not fulfilled within the stipulated time.



Students will not be eligible for automatic admission from Grade X to XI. Students will have to apply for readmission for Grade XI and depend on their marks in Grade X, seats will be available.

Students coming from other schools will have to appear for an Entrance Test.


Compulsory Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, English, General Studies

Optional Subjects:  Choose any two subjects from the group mentioned below

 Maths/Biology/Informatics Practice/ Physical Education


Compulsory Subjects: Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, English, General Studies

Optional Subjects: Physical Education/Informatics Practice (Choose any one)