Why Global Indian School

We know that choosing a right school for your child is a difficult task for every parent. Established over 32 years ago, we are the...


Parents Review about our School

Many of us are led to believe that our careers should follow a linear, predictable path. I currently work in...

Kavitha Nambiar

Kavitha Nambiar

Indian School Ajman (2000-2006)

Vishal Oberoi is an alumnus , and completed his secondary school in 1996. After high school, Vishal went on to complete...

Vishal Oberoi

Vishal Oberoi


Fantastic school! The teachers are professional, caring, and well organized. The admissions process was outstanding, they really care and truly...

Jithin Roy

Jithin Roy


Keeps doing what comes naturally to them which is building teams with their clients, partners and creating exceptional software development...

Bernard Marrast

Bernard Marrast


We often hear this saying - “If the foundation is strong, the building is unshakable.” And that’s what ISA means...



Our Values

Global Indian School


Inclusivity in the classroom implies that the classroom environment is one in which all students feel that their contributions and perspectives are equally valued and respected


Honesty and integrity are important traits to have in your academic and professional life. In school, good student-teacher relationships come from mutual respect


Tolerance is respecting others regardless of their religion or nationality. It is about having a fair and objective attitude towards others whose lifestyle differs from yours.


There many learning and development benefits for students when their teachers employ creative, project-based activities and technology

Ethical behaviour

Ethical conduct requires that everyone in the classroom practice respect and well being as a central motivation for learning. As their teacher, you are the orchestrator.

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